Why Natural Skincare Is Better For You

by | Nov 29, 2019 | LIFESTYLE

Why Natural Skincare Is Better For YouIf you want to know why natural skincare is better for you and which are the best natural ingredients for glowing skin. Then keep reading to find out why natural beauty is better and the importance of natural skincare.

Just looking at the ingredients of a simple conventional shop brought skincare lotion is frightening, for one, many of us will not even be able to read the chemical terms used for the ingredients, let alone know them. But it is important to get familiar with some of the ingredients and what they are so we know what we are putting on our skins.

Natural skincare works better and is good for us and the environment. Not only should we focus what we put into our bodies but also what we put on our skin. Our skin is exposed to chemicals all the time in our everyday environment. Here are a few reasons why natural skincare is better for you:

Firstly you will be improving the health of your skin. Unless the products are from an organic, chemical-free Company, most shops brought beauty products to have harmful chemicals and toxins in them. Such as mercury, alcohol, ammonium laureth, sulphate and parabens. These toxins are easily absorbed into the skin, as the skin is the body’s largest organ, they spread throughout the body and can cause damage. Many of these chemicals are not necessary for skincare. By eliminating these harmful ingredients found in everyday skincare, your skin will have fewer breakouts and irritations.

Financially it can be cheaper for you to use natural skincare, but it depends on if you decide to switch to an organic shop brought skincare or DIY skincare. Shop brought organic skincare is still quite expensive as a lot of these companies who produce pure organic skincare are small and do not mass-produced. So their overheads are higher and so the reason why the products are more expensive. If you decide to use shop brought organic, choose your products carefully, check the ingredients, as there is no strict law on the word organic or natural that companies can use. If you decide to go with DIY skincare option, then, in the long run, it is the cheaper option. Also, you can control what you put on your skin, according to your skin. you can play around and test each ingredient. If it suits your skin, as not all-natural ingredients are suitable for every skin. For instance, coconut oil will probably be not suitable for you if you have very oily skin.

Many natural ingredients have beneficial properties in them such as antioxidant properties, but some natural ingredients also have negative properties, as not all-natural ingredients are suitable for all skin types.

Many people who care and know why natural beauty is better and the importance of natural skincare often also care about the environment. Many of the beauty products we buy come in fancy packaging, moisturisers, cleansers and other beauty products come in bottles and tubes. The empty bottles and tubes are thrown into rubbish landfills, where they will take many years to break down. When you buy natural DIY skincare ingredients it is best to buy and store in glass bottles and recycled jars, that way there will be less product waste in our landfills. Cosmetic and skincare related chemicals are found in the water cycle. When chemical-laden products are washed down our sinks they enter into the river, streams and oceans and lakes. As all life on earth is dependant on the water cycle, it’s scary to even think what damage the chemicals are doing.

There is more than enough reasons why natural skincare is better for you and why we should strive to change to using natural skincare.

Why Natural Skincare Is Better For You



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