Warm And Cosy Bedroom Decor Ideas

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If you are looking for warm and cosy bedroom decor ideas, then keep reading as we have a perfect post for you full of inspirational ideas.

From textured fabrics to warm fluffy cushions, and deeply scented candles, all of which add cosiness and warmth to bedroom decor. Whether you are looking to decorate the master bedroom or a small guest bedroom, we are sure you will find something to inspire you.

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cosy bedroom decor

Doesn’t this bedroom decor look really cosy? To create your warm and cosy bedroom decor like in the picture, let’s have a closer look, the bed has a headboard and side shelves made in warm textured wood surrounding it. The bed has then been layered with a textured warm duvet and blankets. Textured and warm coloured cushions and pillows have been added to finish the look. More warm throws in cosy fabrics have been added to the armchair to give more cosiness to the room. To make your bed really cosy add double bedding with different textures like in the picture. Find similar bedding here and Here

Warm And Cosy Bedroom Decor Ideas

The bed is the main feature in a bedroom, the focal point. Not does our bed have to be warm and cosy but comfortable too, where we can get a good nights rest. For most of us buying a new bed is a big investment, so if we want to create a new cosy look for our bedroom the next best thing to give our bed a new look would be buying a new headboard. A headboard that is made from warm textured fabrics like velvet or warm wood grain like oak will give you a warm and cosy bedroom decor. Following are our favourite headboards, if you like any or want to get some more details just click on the picture or the link underneath.

Get this velvet headboard HERE

Get this headboard HERE

Get this headboard HERE and  see more velvet headboards HERE

cosy bedroom

Get this headboard HERE

bedroom decor

Get this headboard HERE

The right bedding can really make a bedroom look cosy and comfortable. You can use warm textures in your bedding like velvet and fleece bedding. Following are some of our favourite bedding for a cosy look. Don’t forget the colours you go for with your bedding to create warmth add deep rich colours like purples, reds and turquoise, or if you prefer nude colours or black then look for warm textures.

Red velvet bedding

Get this velvet bedding HERE

turquise velvet bedding

Get this bedding HERE

Black velvet bedding

Get this Black velvet bedding HERE

boucle bedding

Get this boucle bedding HERE

brown cosy bedding

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Add dark coloured, textured and chunky blankets for extra warmth. We love these throws and blankets

mustard throw

Buy this throw HERE

Paisley throw

Buy this throw HERE

chunky throw

Get this throw HERE

Don’t forget pillows and cushions, they complete the look. Go for different shapes and textures. We love velvet cushions and pillows, they add much-needed warmth in winter cosy look anywhere in the house whether it’s the bedroom or the living room. Here are some of our favourites for a cosy look.


Get these cushions HERE

 Cosy bedroom look

Get cushion from HERE

velvet cushions

Get these cushions HERE

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