Modest Workout Clothes For The Gym

Hijabis mostly struggle to find modest workout clothes for the gym. Especially if you are going to a mixed gym, it gives the Muslim woman a special set of a challenge of finding appropriate gym wear, that will keep her covered modestly, while she works out. It gives a lot of us a reason not to go to the gym and look after ourselves. But Islam encourages men and women to look after themselves by eating healthy and exercise. So do not let your clothing put you off going to the gym. Here are some tips on finding the right modest workout clothes for the gym.

Pay attention to the type of fabric, when you are purchasing your gym wear.100% Cotton may be comfortable and breathable, but it’s not always the best fabric to work out in. Cotton absorbs moisture but then it stays wet and clingy on you. Synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester or spandex are a better choice for gym wear. If you prefer cotton, then as long as the clothing is mixed fiber, with some cotton and majority synthetic, it should be ok.

Look for long sleeve hoodies, as you can wear an undercap on the head and then put the hood on your head to give you extra coverage.

Buy loose sweatpants or joggers instead of loose leg pants for the gym. Sweatpants or joggers will not roll up when you are doing certain movements in your class, they will keep you covered and modest.

To give you more coverage and keep you modest, try wearing an overskirt or tying a long sleeve top around your hips. This does not only look cute but will give you extra coverage around your bottom and hips as you do certain stretches and exercises.

For your hijab, it’s a personal choice, if you prefer cotton or lycra. Try both and see which you are more comfortable with. Recently brands like Nike have come out with a workout hijab, which is a one piece hijab that you just slip on. It is made from lightweight fabric.

Also look out for new Muslim owned modest clothing brands that are starting to retail modest gym wear.

Now scroll down to get some ideas and inspiration for modest workout clothes for the gym.

Modest Clothing For The Gym With Hijab        Modest Clothing For The Gym

source                                                 source

Modest Clothing For The Gym       Modest Clothing For The Gym

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Modest Clothing For The Gym      Modest Clothing For The Gym

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