Modern Calligraphy Islamic Art That Will look Amazing In Your Home Decor

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Islamic art cannot be defined as a particular kind of art as it covers many different forms of art. Going back to more than 1400 years it varies from different Islamic cultures, lands, and people. Islamic art covers from architecture calligraphy, paintings, glass, pottery, carpets and embroidery.

The emphasis in Islamic art is on ornamentation, rather than art. Calligraphy inscriptions are the most popular style of Islamic art, especially the calligraphy and decoration of the Quran manuscript. Over the centuries Islamic art developed from many different eras and took influences and styles from such as Persia, China, and Asia.

For Muslims, Allah is the focus of their lives and at the centre of their hearts for worship and aspiration. So Islamic art does not focus on physical qualities rather the spiritual representation of objects and beings. Beauty is quality and always will be a quality of the Divine. For Muslims Allah is beautiful and loves beauty. As Islam is a way of life for a Muslim and makes the life beautiful, and so Islamic art should be used and created to make everyday things beautiful.

Islamic art also uses a lot of repeated pattern such as geometrical and floral designs. The repeated geometric patterns are also seen as spiritual, in the sense that the patterns reflect the language of the universe and make the believer reflect on life and the greatness of the creation.

Human figures are mostly avoided in Islamic art, although in recent years modern artists have produced work with human figures but avoid facial features such as the eyes. This kind of work is usually seen in paintings and book covers. Learn and get more inspiration about Islamic Art here

Many people decorate their homes with beautiful Islamic art. It’s so easy nowadays to have beautiful Islamic calligraphy art, as it is affordable and available to buy in many places. For your convenience, we have put some affordable beautiful calligraphy Islamic artwork available to buy in one post.  To buy just click the link underneath the artwork you like. Now you can enjoy and have beautiful calligraphy artwork in your home decor.

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modern caligraphy art

Large Islamic Wall Art


islamic calligraphy art

Arabic Islamic Wall Art 5 Pieces



islamic calligraphy wall art

Vintage Wood Grain Islamic Wall Art



calligraphy islamic wall art


Surah Al Falaq, Al Nas, Al Ikhlas And Al Kafirun Wall Art




islamic wall art calligraphy


Marble Calligraphy Wall Art



islamic wall art calligraphy


Removable Calligraphy Wall Art Decal Sticker


calligraphy wall art

Ayatul Kursi Calligraphy Wall Sticker

islamic calligraphy wall art

Wall Sticker Calligraphy Art






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