Latest Abaya Designs That You Will Love

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latest abaya designs - dubai abayas - modern abayas

If you love the abaya and are forever searching for the latest abaya designs, then read on to find out about the latest abaya designs. The designs are forever changing and it can be sometimes overwhelming to keep up with all the latest designs.

One of our favourite styles is Dubai style embroidery abayas. They look so elegant Don’t you think? Especially for a party, Eid or any special occasion.

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Isn’t this abaya just stunning!


latest abay designs -dubai abaya - modern abayas

It’s not overdone, just has the right amount of embroidery and the colour is just GORGEOUS.

Before we go on to looking at some more stunning designs, first a bit of explanation on what an abaya is for those readers who are new to it. An abaya is a loose robe-like dress that is worn mostly by Muslim women all over the world. An abaya can be an open front design or closed, similar to a maxi dress.  A long flowy abaya is such a simple and elegant piece of clothing. Not forgetting the modest element of it. Although over the years due to the popularity of it, it has been adapted and seen in the western fashion world too ie the kimono. One reason for this is because it is so comfortable to wear. It can be adapted to wear casually or elegantly for wedding, party or evening wear.

Years ago the abaya was mostly only worn and available in black. But now it is available in many colours and designs. Abaya Designers use a variety of different fabrics and accessory details these days to bring out the beauty of the abaya, although the cut of the abaya is more or less similar.  Also, the prices of abayas can vary, designer pieces can be very expensive, but there are also more affordable available to buy at high street prices.

The designs are forever changing and it can be sometimes overwhelming to keep up with all the latest designs. We have spent some time and research for some really trendy latest Dubai style embroidery abaya designs.  It wasn’t easy finding abayas that we thought had just the right amount of embroidery on them and still look stunning and elegant. Let us know what you think and which is your favourite. The link for each abaya where you can shop for it, if available, is next to each design. Enjoy.

brown abaya

Loving the colour and the detail on this abaya. The brown colour is a very popular neutral colour, so you can wear it in many outfits. You can add a belt to the abaya, which you can use around the waist to give a more fitted look or wear without the belt for a looser look. Buy this Abaya Here

royal blue abaya

A lovely feminine abaya look with lace detailing. Buy it HERE

A beautiful open style abaya in dusty pink. It doesn’t have embroidery but we are loving the stunning embellishment on it. Has details on the sleeves and on the hem of the abaya. Buy this Abaya Here 


A chic and elegant open abaya with embellishments. Buy from HERE

  A very popular abaya design, you might have seen this design worn by many bloggers on Instagram. It’s available to buy HERE and comes in other colours too.

Look at this stunning colour!

Buy it HERE and check out more colours available.

Buy this lovely embroidery LACE ABAYA. More colours are available to buy. Check them out Here 

This abaya is beautifully embellished with sequins. Check it out HERE

Although this is not sold as an abaya, it ticks all the right boxes for a modest coverup. A beautifully sequenced lace coverup for special occasions. Buy it Here or check out more of the colours Available Here


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