How To Wear Midi Skirts With HijabMost hijabis will shy away from midi skirts, assuming that it is not suitable for them. But it depends on how you wear them and if you are comfortable with the look. Read on to find some tips on how to wear midi skirts with hijab.

Where the midi skirt falls depends on your height. A midi skirt can fall just below your knees to mid-calf. Buy a style and length that you are comfortable with. If you are of a shorter height, and you feel drowned in maxi skirts then the midi skirt could be perfect for you.

What to wear underneath the midi skirt?

Here you have a few options, You can wear thick opaque tights or leggings. But do remember that your leg shape will show in tights or leggings. So again wear with what you feel is right for you and you re comfortable with. Our favorite way and probably the modest way to wear the midi skirt is to pair it with long boots. This season slouchy long boots are on trend. Not only will the slouchy boots hide the shape of your legs but will look very stylish teamed up with a midi skirt. You can also get a gathered slouchy look from a pair of leggings, just buy a pair that is slightly bigger and longer. When worn gather it at the bottom of the legs to conceal the shape of your legs. This look is great for the Autumn as it is easy to layer up.

The midi skirt can come as a full skirt or pencil cut. With a full skirt, wear something a bit more structured like a tailored blouse or a blazer. With an Aline cut midi skirt try a modern layered look, by wearing a cozy cardigan and then layer on top with a leather jacket.

If you go for a printed midi skirt, then pick one of the colors for your footwear and a matching plain hijab for a coordinated look

We hope this post will inspire you to experiment with how to wear a midi skirt with hijab. Following are some of our favorite midi skirts looks from hijabi bloggers. Which is your favorite?

How to wear midi skirts with hijab

source                 how to wear midi skirts with hijab



How To Wear Midi Skirts With Hijab

source            How To Wear Midi Skirts With Hijab


How To Wear Midi Skirts With Hijab

source           How To Wear Midi Skirts With Hijab


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