How To Prepare For First Day Of Ramadan

by | Apr 26, 2019 | FAITH, LIFESTYLE

How To Prepare For First Day Of RamadanThings to know before Ramadan and how to prepare for the first day of Ramadan. Read on to learn some great tips and ideas on how to prepare your body for Ramadan and also Ramadan food preparation tips.

With Ramadan just around the corner, most of us will be preparing mentally and physically for this blessed month. Eagerly awaiting for this blessed month to physically and spiritually purify and strengthen ourselves InshaAllah.

Some things you can do before Ramadan

  1. Read and reflect on the Quran
  2. Give to charity
  3. If you are not praying 5 times daily prayer, then start doing your prayers regularly, it will give you a sense of peace.
  4. Prior to Ramadan fast voluntary on Monday and Thursday, or on the 13th, 14th and 15th of each month (these are known as the White Days), not only will you benefit from it spiritually but your body will also get used to fasting. But if you are not used to fasting regularly it is best advised not to fast for a few days before Ramadan, this is so that you can nourish and strengthen yourself before Ramadan starts.
  5. Eat moderately and healthy. Drink plenty of water as during Ramadan especially in summer you need to adapt your water intake to between sunset and sunrise.

Preparing your body for fasting is something we should plan for too, it will make the transition a lot easier. Here’s a few tips on how to prepare your body for Ramadan.

Less Food Consumption

Do not increase your food intake before Ramadan, this will only increase your appetite. Take junk food out of your diet and eat moderately and healthy. Eating healthy and the right foods will make fasting a lot easier. Cut out snacking and eat just 3 regular meals, this way during Ramadan you will only cut out only one meal.

Cut Down On Caffeine Intake

Whether you are a coffee or black tea lover, it is best to slowly cut back on caffeine prior to Ramadan starting. If you suddenly cut back on caffeine during Ramadan you will be left with a terrible headache for the first few days of Ramadan. You can start slowing by having decaff tea or coffee, before completely cutting it out or reducing to 1 cup a day.

Change Your Sleep Pattern

Try to slowly change your sleep pattern to mimic what it will be like in Ramadan. If you will sleep earlier, then start gradually getting to bed earlier or if during Ramadan you have an afternoon nap, then gradually introduce the afternoon nap into your day.

Give Up Smoking

If you smoke, give up before or cut back before Ramadan gradually. If you can’t do it by yourself, talk to your GP, there is a lot of help available. Then hopefully during Ramadan with more focus on prayers and spiritual matters will help you to give up completely.

Hope these tips are useful and you are able to have a peaceful and successful Ramadan. If you have any tips, would love to hear from you.

How To Prepare For First Day Of Ramadan

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