Hijab Styles For Different Face Shapes

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What the hijab represents goes much beyond a mere fashion statement. It’s obvious that each facial type has a corresponding hijab style that will best showcase the face and mask any imperfections. In Islamic culture, the hijab is worn over the head and shoulders to cover a woman’s body. The goal here is to convey a sense of modesty. The hijab compromises the body’s movement and shape, thus it must be worn in a way that does not undermine its function. When choosing a hijab style, it’s important if you know what kind of face shape you have, you can make the best option for your look by getting to know more about hijab styles for different face shapes.

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You can utilize a variety of facial characteristics to evaluate which style is best suited for you. Different face features create different lines and curves, to give our face its unique look and character. Make sure that the hijab style that you chose complements your appearance, as the right hijab styling technique will bring out your best features, while still keeping you covered modestly.  While considering facial shapes, it is also a good idea to think about your hair type while selecting styles. If your hair is extremely fine, you may want to wear a light scarf to keep it from weighing it down.

Hijabs are available in a variety of styles to match a woman’s face shape and skin tone, thus some may be better suited for particular persons. In this article, we have detailed the best hijab styles for different face shapes to help you pick the right hijab style for your face.

Hijab Style for Long Face

The best hijab styles for different face shapes will help you cover your full face if you have a long face, so you no longer have to worry about that. As a result of the thin bony structure on a long face, it is unnecessary to conceal flaws. You have to add volume to the forehead for a long face shape. Your cheekbones must be perfectly wrapped to get a faultless finish.

maroon hijab

The face shape here has been emphasized with the way this jersey hijab has been wrapped around the face creating neat and precise round curves around the face. The curves and folds created by the hijab soften the face shape. The jersey fabric on this hijab goes a long way to create this look and keep it looking neat and precise. Following are a few more examples of suitable hijab styles for long or oval face shapes.

Premium Jersey Hijab

dark grey jersey hijab

Buy Premium Jersey Hijab

slate coloured hijabi

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Hijab Style for Square Face

The large forehead and sharp jaws of a square-shaped face are its distinguishing features. In this case, it is best to get the most fashionable hijab styles for different face shapes to avoid putting the veil beneath your chin and pulling it back in such a way as to reveal the intensity of your jawbones. Also avoid Turkish veils since they give the face the appearance of a triangle, making it appear more masculine. Instead, gently wrap the veil around your face, hiding the sides of your jawline as you do so. An under-the-veil bandanna is a great way to make your forehead look a little more circular, but you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t cover too much of your forehead. As a bonus, wearing lighter and softer textiles helps to even out your face’s angles.

dustu lillic hijab

Everyday Chiffon Hijab

pink chiffon hijab

In the picture above the chiffon pale rose hijab has been tied in a knot on one side to take the focus away from the face shape.

chiffon cocoa hijab

Chiffon Cocoa Hijab

Hijab Style for Round Face

Chunky cheeks and a round face define the square face features. Avoid bandanas that cover part of the forehead when picking the correct hijab types for round faces since they are too tight and may accentuate the roundness of the face. If you want to keep your cheeks in check, avoid tying your veil too tightly around your face. For an oval-shaped face, wear the veil loosely over the cheeks, beginning at the hairline.

current coloured hijab

Current Coloured Hijab

sand coloured hijab

Sand Coloured Hijab



Hijab Style for Heart Shaped Face

The chins of all heart-shaped faces point inward. Focus on the jawline, then pin the scarf under the chin to accentuate this face cut’s unique features when you widen the scarf, the shape is ruined and guys won’t appreciate your features. Frame your hijab at the border of your jawline rather than at the rear or sides of your head.

blush hijab

Blush Coloured Hijab

Lilic Hijab

deep fuchasia hijab


Putting on a hijab might be difficult for some women, but some types flatter a variety of face shapes. Although there are many more facial forms to choose from, not everyone will fit neatly into one of the many subtypes. The most essential thing is to feel comfortable with your choice of hijab. Once you get your face shape and identify the best hijab styles for different face shapes you can do anything if you have confidence in yourself. Your primary focus should be on making sure that wearing the hijab is as comfortable as possible. It is a great aspect of your personality and a way of life!

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