Hijab Fashion Autumn Outfit Ideas

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hijab fashion autumn outfit ideasWith the new season in, along comes new trends. Though for hijabis we follow our own certain trends such as layering regardless of what is going on in the fashion world. This year’s trends from animal prints, everything brown to crystals can be adapted to suit your style and worn modestly and help you keep up with the fashion trends. Here we will look at some key trends this season to give you hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas.


Brown is going to be the new black. From tan to chocolate brown. there are many shades of browns to experiment with. Different shades of browns can be layered up and look very stylish.


hijabi autumn outfit ideas         autumn hijabi outfits ideas


Animal prints make a comeback this season. A touch of animal print really brings out an outfit. An animal print hijab, whether it be a leopard, zebra or snake print can look very classy and elegant. When layering balance the animal print with contrasting or complimenting plain block colours.

autumn hijab outfit ideas               autumn hijab outfit ideas

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We will still be seeing a lot of crystal bling this season,  on everything from footwear to accessories. If this is not your style then by means avoid it. Bling is usually best left for special occasions, but if you must then keep it to minimal, like a statement necklace or long boots underneath a maxi skirt.

hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas               hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas


Scarf print will carry on from the summer. This trend has been around for a while in the Asian fashion world.  A scarf print tunic or jacket will look great with the rest of the outfit including the hijab in plain complementing or contrasting colours.

hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas               hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas


Tweed and plaid are an alternative to animal prints this season. Plenty to choose from plaid shirts and dresses to tweed jackets or matching 2 piece suits. This trend is great for workwear or more formal events.

hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas              hijab fashion autumn outfit ideas

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