Easy Islamic Calligraphy Art Ideas

Islamic art has become a popular way to decorate our homes. In the East, most homes you will find them adorned with some kind of Islamic art. Especially Islamic calligraphy art. The beautiful, mystical writing is a major form of artistic expression in Muslim cultures. Islamic calligraphy goes beyond pen and paper in astoundingly varied and imaginative art forms and materials. Here we will discuss a brief history of Islamic calligraphy art and give some examples of easy Islamic calligraphy art ideas.

The history of calligraphy goes in hand with the history of Islam. In pre-Islamic times a very basic form of Arabic was used. The Arabs at that time had little use for written Arabic as their culture had a strong oral tradition. Spoken poetry was widely used. After the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) the Arabic language had a special status.

Kufic script is an early Arabic script. In the early days of Islam, many knew the Quran by heart, so at that time more importance was given to the sheer beauty of spoken text and harmony it inspired in many people. Kufic is a system where form can be reinvented. There are different styles of Kufic script such as eastern Kufic, square Kufic, and ornamental Kufic.

With the invention of paper, the round script known as Khatt was introduced. The styles used today all over the Arab world were introduced by the Ottoman Empire. The difference between Kufic and Khatt script is that the Khatt script has specific rules that need to be applied when writing each letter and joining them together.

One easy way to decorate your home with Arabic calligraphy is using Arabic stencils and decals. They are fun and easy to do. This traditional art can now be designed and styled with contemporary designs. One online store where you can purchase Arabic stencils and decals is Home Synchronize. They have some beautiful and affordable calligraphy art and decals, that are very easy to use. Go and check them out, Home Synchronize. Following are some pieces of work available to buy online from them.

Islamic Art        Islamic Art

Islamic Art       Islamic Art

islamic calligraphy art      islamic calligraphy art

Some more beautiful Islamic calligraphy Art to inspire you.

Islamic Calligraphy Art deas



Islamic Calligraphy Art Ideas

Islamic Calligraphy Art Ideas

Islamic Calligraphy Art Ideas