Best Food For Suhoor

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 Best Food For SuhoorIn order to realise the full benefit of Ramadan, know what is the best food for suhoor and what food is eaten at iftar. Also if you love cooking then try some of the best recipes for Ramadan snacks that we have put together and learn about Ramzan special food items.

Ramadan is a time for prayer, charity, self-reflection and self-control. Not only will your mind and soul be detoxed, but your body will also be detoxed, healed and energised. In order for this to happen, you need to make sure you are eating the right food and drinks and avoiding the bad ones.

In Ramadan, the fast starts with a suhoor meal (pre-dawn meal), do not miss this meal. When fasting hunger and thirst will be your two great challenges, so it is important that you eat the right foods at this time, as it is going to sustain your body for next 12-18hrs.  Eating this meal will give you vitality and strength during the day. A balanced and varied suhoor meal from all the essential food groups is the best way to give your body all that it will need during the fasting hours. Following are best food for suhoor.

  •  Drinking plenty of water is the most important to avoid feeling thirsty while fasting and help you with detoxing your body. You need to drink at least 2litres daily. Avoid high surgery fizzy drinks. So remember water, water and more water.
  • Protein will stop you feeling hungry. So eat any of the following, eggs, lentils, cheese or any lean meat.
  • Eat complex carbohydrates, this could be bread, rice or pasta, or one plate of wholegrain cereal like oats.
  • Some sliced vegetables
  • A piece of fruit
  • A glass of milk or a yoghurt

Some examples of best food for suhoor are:

  • Porridge, I banana and 3 medjool dates
  • 2 boiled eggs, 1 wholemeal toast and a homemade smoothie.
  • 2 Wheatabix, 3 Medjool dates, some sliced vegetables
  • 2 wholemeal toast with peanut butter, 2 scrambled eggs and 1 small yoghurt.

Best Food For Suhoor

Recipes For Ramadan Snacks

Eating a healthy iftar is important to give you energy for the rest of the evening for the evening prayers. Break your fast with water and dates and then eat a few light snacks before you pray Maghrib Salah. After Maghrib eat your main meal. Some points to remember when you are preparing your main iftar meal.

  • Start off slowly and drink plenty of fluids
  • Consume plenty of fluid rich foods such as fruits, vegetable and soups to replace the fluids lost in your body during the day.
  • Do not consume too much deep fried foods, creamy and sweet foods, this will. result in you gaining weight.
  • Eat a balanced meal which includes grains, vegetables and protein rich foods.
  • For a sweet treat try sticking to fruits or otherwise just have a small portion of your favourite dessert, but limit that to a few times a week only.
  • If after iftari you are able to, go for a gentle walk.

Having Ramadan snacks especially healthy ones is a good idea, especially if after Taraweeh prayer you are feeling a bit peckish. Here we have put some of the best recipes for Ramadan snacks found on youtube, Go and check them out.
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