9 Tips On How To Get Natural Glowing Skin This Summer

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9 TIPS TO GET AMAZING GLOWING SKIN THIS SUMMERWith summer here, you will be looking forward to spending time outdoors as much as possible and make the most of it. But all that sun can cause skin damage too if we don’t pay particular attention to our skin. The excess sweating along with the dust and grime can make our skin look rough and dull

If you like and love natural glowing skin then read on to get some great tips on how to get naturally glowing skin this summer. We have researched on the internet and come up with the best and most advised tips on caring for your skin in the summer. First, we will cover the basics of caring for the skin.



  1. DIET

Your food intake is so important as it affects your skin. In summer most of us tend to eat out more. Instead of slaving in the kitchen in the summer heat, eating out or takeaway seems to be an easier option. But your meals don’t have to be complicated or spend hours cooking them, there are lots of recipes and ideas on how to cook easy healthy meals. Just research the internet for recipes that you love and compile them together in a binder or folder, and put it in the kitchen, so it is easily accessible. Try to have a variety of foods with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat organic or seasonal fruit and veg if you can. Being a muslim I also like to include some if not all sunnah foods daily as they have such a healthy impact on your skin.



Water gives life to the skin, without it your skin is dry and lifeless. Ever tried putting makeup on your skin on days when you have not drunk enough water. I know I have. The makeup just sits there looking cloggy and dull. But drink even the recommended amount of eight glasses, the makeup will apply so much easier and look flawless. So it goes without saying drink at least the recommended amount or more, especially in the summer as we sweat more and lose more fluids from our bodies.


Exercise is another basic that we should all be following. Exercise does not have to mean a gym membership. Although if that is what you prefer then, by all means, stick to it and make sure that you make the most of it. If like me, the gym isn’t for you, then choose other ways to be active, whether that is running, cycling, swimming, following exercise videos or even brisk walking. Exercise helps to get rid of toxins from our bodies and increases the blood circulation in our bodies and promotes the blood supply to the skin. This gives the skin a healthy natural glow.


Exfoliating the skin is important if you want the natural glowing skin. It gets rid of dead skin. Use a natural face cloth, sponge or a facial cleansing brush to rub gently in circles to exfoliate the skin. Use a good exfoliator, I prefer to use chemical-free products or make my own. One I use regularly is sea salt, just mix with a bit of water in your hands and rub on your face in circular motions. Exfoliate at least a few times a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. If you use natural products or homemade then you will probably be able to exfoliate more often, I try to exfoliate gently every other day as I think it gives the skin a such a natural glow.


Steaming is suitable for most skin types. It will open up clogged pores and help get rid of dirt on the skin. It will also make the skin soft and glowy. If you don’t have a facial steamer, then steam your face with a towel over your head over a hot bowl of water. Sometimes another method I use is wet a face cloth in hot water then rinse it out and place it over your face, leave it for a few minutes then repeat a few times.

9 tips to get glowing skin


Make sure you cleanse your skin twice a day, using a good cleanser. Use a natural one if you can as these don’t have chemicals in them or make your own.


Toner will balance the PH levels in your skin and shut the open pores. For a toner use something as simple and natural as rosewater.


Moisturise your skin daily no matter what the weather is like. If you have oily skin then use a water-based moisturiser. If you have dry skin then in the summer swap your heavy oil-based moisturiser with a lighter oil based moisturiser.


Here are some really good natural homemade recipes I found to give the skin a natural glow this summer. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

9 Tips For Glowing Skin


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Tips For Glowing Skin

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Tips For Glowing Skin This Summer

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