9+ Budget Friendly Home Decor Hacks To Make Your Home Look Modern

Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas – Home Decor Ideas For Cheap



how to make your house look modern on a budgetDo you want to learn how to make your house look modern on a budget and how to make home beautiful with simple things? Then keep reading to find out how to make your home look elegant even if you are on a budget

Redecorating the home can be very expensive, especially for those of us on a budget. Some home decor ideas can take a lot of time and money, which some of us don’t have.

But updating your home does not always have to break the bank. You can freshen up your home and give it a new lease of life with a bit of hard work and love. We have found some brilliant tips that are budget-friendly and easy to do. Sometimes simple ideas can have a big impact in a room, so try these ideas and let us know what you think.


One of the easiest and smartest ways to update any room in the house is to clear the clutter. If anything in the room is not used and you are not happy with it, then find another home for it or give it to charity. You can use pretty trunks and storage boxes to control clutter in a room. Not only will they give you extra storage space but will look great in the room too.

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How organized and clutter-free is this bathroom. We love the way woven baskets have been used to keep things tidy and in their place. Here are some of our favourite basket finds on the internet.


Adding plants to any room will uplift it and give it a peaceful appearance. It will also add colour to the room. If you go for real plants then consider the position and natural lighting. Real live plants will give you extra oxygen in the room and some remove toxins from the air too. If you are not green-fingered then consider using artificial plants, you can get some great looking artificial plants that look very real.
budget friendly hacks to make home modern
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Fresh flowers bring so much life and colour to a room, even if it’s a single bloom. Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers, treat yourself and buy them for yourself. Try and change flower arrangement weekly. If you are on a budget, wait and buy them at the end of the day, especially in the supermarkets, you will get the flowers at a discounted price. Forget about buying flower bouquet arrangements, do your own flower arrangement. Buy different flowers then arrange them in a vase or pot, putting different colours, sizes and types of flowers together.


Create a candle corner to brighten up any room. Use different sizes and scented candles. With the candles display bottled matchsticks. This will give the displayed candles an elegant look. Buy the bottled matchsticks or make your own by cleaning out a clear glass herb bottle, big enough to hold the length of a matchstick. Then fill up with matchsticks and stick a piece of flint paper at the bottom of the bottle to light the matchsticks with. You can finish off with a pretty label around the bottle.


Marble gives an expensive and elegant look to a room. But marble is very expensive, even if its a marble slab to put on a table. Now there is a cheaper option that will cost next to nothing, and you will still have the same look. Cover surfaces with marble effect contact paper, you will get the look for less. Check out this youtube video on how to use marble effect paper. You can use this idea and transform any room.


If you need a new sofa and can not afford one just yet, try getting new throws to cover it and update your cushions. A colourful collection of different sized and textured cushions will not only give a splash of colour but will also give an instant new lease of life to an old sofa.

Lighting can uplift and change the mood and setting of a room. Try using decorating lamps and uplighters. Highlight a collection of artwork on a wall with a picture wall light. Install lights inside a glass cupboard or cabinet to make a focal point in a room. Add matching lamps to both sides of a bed or sofa and see the impact it has on the room.


Display a collection of different sized artwork together on a wall and make it a focal point. Go a step further and create your own artwork. Collect unusual and pretty wallpaper or fabric samples. Frame them in pretty frames of different sizes. Do something more personal like framing all your house keys from all the different homes and apartments you have lived in, do a collection and print on each frame the address and dates you lived at that address.


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Buy cheap different coloured chairs for your dining room. It will add a pop of colour to your dining room. Mismatched furniture in different colours or styles can look really cool. If you can’t afford to buy new chairs then look around in junk shops or paint spray your old ones.
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