7 Simple Tips For Hijabis To Transition Their Wardrobe From Summer To Autumn

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7 simple tips for hijabis

With Fall here we are all probably looking at the tempting sales and window displays. For us hijabis, fall is a favourite season as we can layer up modestly. As layering is becoming the latest trend, we have loads of choices.

But before we spend all of our clothing budgets on new items there is plenty we still can do to stretch our summer wardrobe. So before you pack and store away your summer clothing here are 7 simple tips for hijabis to transition their wardrobe from summer to fall.

1. Don’t pack away those summer maxi dresses just yet. Add layers such as, wear thicker leggings or skinny jeans underneath and add long boots for those cooler days. Wear a jacket on top, a belted blazer or leather jacket.

2. It’s cheaper to buy full sleeves body tops then buy a whole new outfit. These staples can be worn underneath sleeveless or sheer tops and dresses, and also for extra warmth.  Besides your neutral colors such as black, white and tan, buy some richer winter tones such as plum, dark burgundy etc.

3. Buy leggings and skinny jeans in different fabrics and textures so that you can wear them according to the weather.

4. Invest in maxi cardigans and kimonos. Use thicker fabric kimonos and thinly knit cardigans or poncho for the fall, so that you don’t get overheated.

5. Mix light summer colours with deep winter colours as you transit from summer to fall. For instance, white can be worn with a richer winter colour like plum or deep purple.

6. Add thicker printed scarves or shawl around your neck. If you are wearing a plain hijab, then add a contrast or similar colour print scarf.

7. Swap your open toe sandals and flipflops for long boots and loafers. Buy a few pairs in different colours, whatever your budget allows you to.

As you can see you can stretch your summer wardrobe into fall, simply by layering and adding different textures, richer colours so that you can save your money for winter clothing. Below are some bloggers styles to give you inspiration and help you transit your wardrobe from summer into fall.

7 simple tips to for hijabis to transition summer wardrobe                         tips for hijabis to transition summer wardrobe to fall

         withloveleena.com                                                   summeralbarcha.com

transition wardrobe from summer to fall


hijabi wardrobe transition from summer to fall                 hijabi transition wardrobe from summer to fall

 hijabistyled.blogspot.com                                              ink361

hijabi transition wardrobe from summer to fall



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