7 Best Step By Step Hijab Tutorials

by | Jul 31, 2018 | HOME, MODEST FASHION


If you have just started wearing the hijab, it can be sometimes quite daunting to find a look that suits you and you are comfortable with. Or even if you have been wearing the hijab for a long time in the same style and want to try a new style then following a step by step hijab tutorials is a fantastic way to create a new hijab look or try out different hijab looks if you are new to wearing the hijab or for a special event.

Also when deciding on which hijab style to go for considering your face shape, typical face shapes are oval, round, square and heart shape. As the hijab emphasises your face shape more, choose styles that will compliment your face shape.

With so many bloggers doing youtube videos it can become overwhelming which one to follow, here we have listed the 7 of the best and popular hijab styling youtube tutorials. The styles here are mostly quite simple so even someone new to wearing a hijab will find easy to follow. Let us know what other hijab tutorials you would like to see and if you enjoy the videos then please like and follow the bloggers who have made them, the link is on each video.

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